SIMON2 - Data Logger

SIMON2 - Data Logger

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Our Data Logger gives you the capability to log data from your vehicle in real-time. It is simple to use and will allow for a more accurate and personalized remote tune.

The applications currently supported include:

  • MS41 E36, E39
  • MS42 E46 323/328, E39 528, E53 X5, E83 X3, Z3
  • MS43 E46 325/330, E39 525/530, E53 X5, E83 X3
  • MS45 E46 330ZHP, E6x 2.5L and 3.0L
  • MSS50 E36 M3 Evo
  • MSS52 E39 M5
  • MSS54 E46 M3
  • MSS60 E9x M3
  • MSS65 E6x M5/M6
  • MSS70 Z4 M Coupe
  • MSV70 E60, E8x, E9x, E53, 2.5L and 3.0L
  • MSV80 and MSV80.1 E60, E8x, E9x, E53, 2.5L and 3.0L
  • MSD80 and MSD81 E60, E8x, E9x 135/335/535 N54

Key Features:

  • Click FREE to download, evaluate and test a sampling of what the SIMON Data Logger can possibly do.
  • Ability to read and clear engine related fault codes
  • Compatible with Mac and PC laptops
  • Ability to read engine data in realtime
  • Reads data from all 6 cylinders simultaneously on certain models
  • Data Logging configured to your BMW based on your unique driving style and habits
  • You create the Data Logging information
  • Ability to help fine tune your engine performance software
  • Ability to interface with a lean/rich gauge for a unique perspective

Key Features:
Simon 2 Cable. is needed to work with the Active Data Logger in making the connection with your BMW.

For actual data-logging capabilities that allow for comprehensive monitoring and recoding of DME parameters a license must be purchased.
Each license is locked to a single vehicle and specific DME.

How to activate the Active Data Logger

  • Click here to Download the Active Data Logging program from the website onto your laptop.
  • Open the .exe to install the drivers and accept the agreement
  • 2 folders will be created when you open the .exe (Licenses and Datalogs). They will appear alongside the .exe file in whichever location it is opened.
  • Make the connection to your BMW via the Simon 2 cable
  • With the Data Logger Program open: From the top menu select "Special" and then click on collect license data. Fill out the Drop Down sheet for BMW Vin #, Owners name, etc.
  • You will be prompted to choose where to save a file. E-mail that file to to activate your logger
  • A return file will be e-mailed back. Place this file in the "Licenses" folder accompanying the logger .exe
  • The activation will now be complete and you may begin logging your data.

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